Mystery Shopping

The Mystery Shopping project is the cornerstone of our work. Our dedicated team of Mystery Shoppers are Deaf and disabled music fans who report back on the accessibility and overall experience at UK music venues, clubs and festivals, in return for free tickets and travel. This is vital for identifying each venues' strengths and areas for improvement.

We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers to assess almost any live music event, but we specifically target venues and festivals that are signed up to the Charter of Best Practice. The detailed feedback on accessibility is then passed on to management, so that any potential barriers are identified and practical solutions are suggested.

Would you like to join the project..?

To become a Mystery Shopper, please email to request the forms and more information.

Then, you can ‘Shop’:

  • Choose a gig or festival and then email Si to check whether we need it shopped
  • Book tickets - one for yourself and, if you require, one for a personal assistant
  • Attend the event, and fill in a Mystery Shopping form and then email us an Invoice Form for your tickets and travel expenses to get a refund

Please have a look at the Registration Information and read through the FAQ before submitting your first Mystery Shop.