Our Services

Attitude is Everything work in partnership with over 200 organisations each year, helping them to make their events more accessible to their Deaf and disabled customers.

Our work is based around the Charter of Best Practice, through which we can provide free support for live music events organisers, but we offer many other bespoke services to help you improve the customer experience for Deaf and disabled music fans.

“I started to work in partnership with Attitude is Everything because they gave me practical solutions to real challenges.”

Melvin Benn, Festival Republic.

There are obvious ethical and legal reasons to improve access, but investing in Disability Equality Training and Consultancy also makes sound business sense. Our clients are regularly amazed by the strength of reaction they receive from customers and employees when they improve their accessibility. The changes often enrich the experience of all customers, whether disabled or not, inevitably generating new business, diversifying audiences and increasing revenue. 

Deaf and disabled customers are often overlooked despite representing an annual spending power estimated at £80billion per year in the UK. Few people travel to gigs on their own and if you turn away Deaf and disabled people, then you are missing out on the business of their friends and family too.

Working with Attitude is Everything can open the door to this relatively untapped market and can assist your organisation to: -

  • Attract more Deaf and disabled customers and a wider variety of artists, therefore increasing your audience base
  • Save time by creating guidelines and policies so that staff can easily deal with access enquiries, leading to fewer complaints from Deaf and disabled customers
  • Remove the guesswork and avoid spending money on expensive facilities and refurbishments that may not offer the most accessible, or inclusive, option
  • Increase chances of securing long-term funding by broadening your outreach work
  • Reduce the need to engage external consultants to provide support on access issues
  • Make accessible guidelines, policies and practices part of your induction for new staff, disseminating the information and policies across your workforce
  • Consider the most cost effective ways to make your events accessible

Implementing Best Practice policy and procedure changes can be free of cost, and much of our advice is targeted at Grassroots venues and festivals who can make a positive impact with limited resources.

The Deaf and disabled community in the UK is tightly networked and news spreads fast. Good access, and most importantly, improved access will be rewarded with additional custom from passionate and loyal music fans as their access requirements are met.

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