Our Next Stage initiative works to ensure that artists who have access requirements can thrive within the music industry.

This area is for you!

Whether you have access requirements or not, as a professional musician, producer, DJ or solo artist, you can play your part in making your shows more accessible – download our DIY Access Guide.

If you book and promote events yourself, check out our Just Ask guide for promoters.

Learn more about how our Just Ask initiative supports the music and events industries to better work with disabled artists.

If you work in the music industry beyond making music, you can also get involved in our Beyond The Music initiative which aims to break down the employment barriers disabled people face in the music and event industries.

Next Stage artist network

We have a growing network of artists who receive a regular newsletter from us, invites to join monthly calls to access peer support and hear from industry insiders, and access to a Discord community with fellow artists.

Artist voices

We are inviting members of our Next Stage artist network to share their experiences navigating the industry.

Artist Ambassadors

Brought about as a result of a partnership with Featured Artists Coalition‘s (FAC) ambassador programme, we are proud to be championed by a group of dual artist ambassadors.

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Useful links for artists

Our growing collection of online guides on all aspects of forging a career as a performer in the music industry.