We support industry professionals to understand and break down the barriers that disable people face.

An essential, not an option

If you run a live venue, events business or music industry organisation, you need to be thinking about accessibility across everything you do from the very start.

Two women wearing glitter face paint on a festival viewing platform.

Live Events Access Charter

First launched in 2001, our Live Events Access Charter is at the heart of our work to support venues and events to improve accessibility. We have award frameworks for venues, grassroots venues and outdoor events, covering everything from online information and policies to access around a venue or event site.

Training and consultancy

Our music and live event industry-focused training and access consultancy provides teams with essential knowledge and support to implement real and lasting change.

Three people sitting on a viewing platform in from of Glastonbury's West Holts stage

Welcoming disabled audiences

Beyond the Live Events Access Charter we have a range of resources available that shine a light on how to make venues and events more inclusive for disabled audiences.

We are collating the voices of disabled audience members who have had good and bad experiences at live events.

Employing disabled people

Our Beyond The Music initiative, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, works to connect aspiring and active disabled professionals with businesses and champion inclusion in the workplace.

We are collating the voices of aspiring and active disabled professionals as they seek to forge their careers.

A young black woman with tied back black hair and hoop earings standing in from of green leaves

Working with disabled artists

Our Next Stage initiative, funded by Arts Council England, connects disabled musicians with industry to break down barriers on the talent development journey, from securing funding to performing live.

We are collating the voices of disabled artists as they navigate the industry.

Resources and publications

We have published a range of guides and reports covering access for audiences, artists and professionals.

Five tickets, four with crosses on them and one with a tick. Text reads: 79% had been put off buying tickets for a gig due to difficulty booking access

Other activities

We are involved in a wide range of additional activities in our work supporting industries in the UK and beyond to better understand the need for inclusion.