Employing disabled people

Our Beyond the Music initiative works to break down barriers in music and event industry workplaces.

Why make your workplace accessible?

  • 20% of the UK working age population are disabled. If you aren’t reaching disabled people, you are missing out on potential talent.
  • 79% of disabled people in the music industry feel their careers have been impacted by avoidable barriers.
  • 51% of disabled people in the music industry have withdrawn from a job application process due to lack of accessibility.
  • 69% of disabled people on the music industry who have not disclosed their impairment believe they are putting their health and safety at risk as a result.

Accessible Employment Guide

Our Accessible Employment Guide provides simple steps you can take today to start to become a more accessible organisation.

A man looking at a laptop screen at tha back of a room in a venue


Our Beyond The Music team have designed a session for line managers and HR teams called Accessible workplace environments. The session covers recruitment, line management and the wider workplace.


We can assist with range of subjects including implementing the Accessible Employment Guide, accessible recruitment, creating an accessible workplace culture and advice around policies and processes.

Placements and mentoring

We can help you create and advertise accessible placements and mentoring opportunities to help disabled people gain knowledge and experience in the music industry.

Future leaders

Our Future Leaders are a group of talented engaged new entrants to the music industry with lived experience of disability eager to support and inform your organisation.

Square grid image of 4 future leaders. Top left: Dmytro Schebetyuk. Top right: Fern Beard. Bottom left: Jess Ansell. Bottom right: Taylor Booth

Professional voices

Members of our Beyond The Music Network share their experiences navigating the industry.