Accessible Employment Guide

Year published: 2021

Research suggests that disabled people remain hugely underrepresented at all levels of the UK music industry, despite significant increases in disabled audiences at live music events and the fact that 19% of working adults are considered disabled under the Equality Act. More concerningly, a study published by UK Music in April 2021 found that one in five disabled people in the music industry have faced discrimination at work. 

Our Accessible Employment Guide, borne out of our Beyond The Music initiative, wants to help address and remedy this situation. 

Aimed at businesses of all scales, and particularly small and micro-sized enterprises without extensive HR resources, this guide offers simple and straightforward tips on how to attract talented Deaf and disabled workers with advice on everything from accessible job interviews and accessible meetings to suggested adjustments to office and work environments. 

It also features comprehensive first-hand insights from Deaf and disabled people about the challenges they face in the workplace, as well as changes to employment practices that can alleviate these barriers.