Manifesto for disabled audiences, music creators and professionals

Ahead of the 4th July 2024 UK general election, we call upon politicians in the next Parliament to ensure that disabled people can participate fully in the UK’s vital music and events industry as consumers, music creators and professionals.

As we look to the years ahead, we identify three areas that need urgent attention:

  1. The accessibility and legal compliance of ticketing and access booking
  2. The future of the industry with the rapid adoption of AI
  3. Pending legislation and statutory guidance related to the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill – ‘Martyn’s Law’
Our calls to action


Discriminatory practices that we highlighted in our 2018 State of Access Report still persist and we need industry and government to assist us in securing change. Key issues include third-party ticketing resulting in inequalities in customer service for disabled people, the loss of phone-based support services since the pandemic, VIP ticket upgrade experiences being inaccessible and access booking often being omitted from fan club and other priority ticketing schemes. We welcome ticketing being included in party manifestos – disabled people’s voices must be heard.


There is a grave risk that disabled consumers needing to book access will be left out as AI-based dynamic pricing and up/cross selling is adopted. We are also concerned about online platforms being inaccessible, and the impact of AI on the careers of disabled music makers and professionals.

Martyn’s Law

Pre-existing and future venue and event accessibility will be compromised by new statutory guidance if access requirements and the communication needs of disabled people are not included in the contents.

Our calls to action

Attitude is Everything calls on the next Parliament to ensure that:

  • Disabled people are no longer discriminated against when seeking to purchase tickets for live events and when they make access bookings.
  • The rapid adoption of AI technologies by the music and live events industries does not negatively impact the rights and opportunities of disabled audience members, music makers and professionals.
  • Live event evacuation plans required by Martyn’s Law provide safe and accessible solutions for disabled people whilst ensuring an equal experience for all attendees.
What needs to happen next

To achieve this, we call on the next Parliament to deliver three disability-led reviews covering:

  • The compliance of all aspects of live event ticketing with the Equality Act 2010.
  • The impact of AI adoption by the UK’s music and live events industries on disabled consumers, artists and professionals.
  • The statutory industry guidance that will support the implementation of Martyn’s Law.

We urge MPs, Lords and our industry partners to support this vital work.

As the leading charity in access for disabled people at music and live events, Attitude is Everything is expecting the next government to ensure that our community can fully participate. Whether they be consumers, music creators or professionals, disabled people must have the opportunities which everyone else takes for granted. We believe that change will only come if the government holds disabled-led reviews of each of these three areas. And for to change to be meaningful and succeed, disabled people must have a seat at the table.

Suzanne Bull MBE, Founder of Attitude is Everything
Tent stage at Cross the Tracks 2024