Fundraising for us using Just Giving

Creative ways that you can fundraise for us – by yourself, with your friends, family or local community.  

Just Giving

JustGiving is a well-known fundraising platform, which allows you to create your own fundraising page where supporters can donate easily whether that’s through a livestream, a raffle, a marathon or organising an event.  

With JustGiving, you can also add Gift Aid to your donations which is a form of tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer.

Start fundraising with Just Giving

Fundraising ideas

There are lots of ways that you can fundraise for Attitude is Everything. Here are a few ideas:

  • Taking on a challenge event such as an extreme sport or marathon.
  • Hold a car boot or bake sale.
  • Suggest a fancy dress/ dress down day at school or work and ask for a small donation from those taking part.
  • Hold a raffle or auction.
  • Arrange a sports game, such as a Football fives tournament, and charge people to enter or arrange a sports day at your school or work!
  • Organise a gig or concert with your band or local bands that you have contact with.
  • Organise a coffee morning, quiz or potluck dinner and ask for donations.
  • Share your skills! Host a masterclass; teach others something you have expertise in such as playing a musical instrument, cooking or yoga and ask attendees to donate.
  • Create a gaming tournament – this can be online or in person where either attendees or contestants are charged.
  • Give up something for 30 days – like meat, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, take-aways or coffee! You might want to even donate the money you would’ve spent on these things!.
  • Or even try something new for 30 days! Such as; doing yoga, joining a dance class, painting, meditation or baking.

We’d really apreciate you contacting us first so we can support your efforts.

Tips and tricks

Decide on a fundraiser  

Make a decision on something that excites you, that you may have been interested in trying or sharing something you’re good at – no use doing a fundraiser if you’re not excited about it!   

Consider the fundraiser goal   

Consider how long the fundraiser will last (most likely based on how long the event may last), what is the scale of the fundraiser and what the goal could be.  

Contact us

We would love to discuss your plans in advance so we can support your efforts on our behalf!

Create a JustGiving fundraising page 

This will make your fundraiser more reachable to different audiences and allow you to keep track of donations and money raised.  

Take advantage of social media  

If you have any social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, make use of them and post about the fundraiser on there; talk about our work and what it means, include updates in the way you’re fundraising by making videos (everyone loves video content these days!) and don’t forget to tag us @attitudeiseverythinghq on Instagram and @attitudetweets on Twitter. 

Ask local businesses to get involved  

If you’re wanting to put on an event, such as a pub quiz, your local pub may be interested, or even a local business may be willing to donate something as a raffle prize – you can’t be sure until you ask!  

Thank your supporters! 

Don’t forget to thank those that had supported you and followed you in your fundraising journey, because at the end of the day, they were the one’s who helped you raise those funds.