Artist Voices: Elle Osborne

Born on the North Sea coast of Lincolnshire, Elle Osborne is a folk musician. She has toured Britain, Australia, and the USA, and has shared the stage with James Yorkston, Spiers & Boden (the Bellowhead boyz), and Alasdair Roberts, amongst many others. Her new album, “If You See a Rook on its Own, it’s a Crow”, was released in June of this year. 

Where are you based? 


What are you focused on with your music at the moment? 

Just released my 4th album – If You See A Rook On Its Own, It’s A Crow. Two smaller recording projects just beginning.

Attitude is Everything support the live music industry, why do you perform live and what do you think gigs can do for artists and audiences?

There is something alchemical about live performance for artist and audience, both. It can be musically and emotionally transportative experiencing a song live – it becomes multidimensional and lifts us all up. Playing live is the place I feel most at home. 

Favourite venue or festival (and why)? 

Anywhere with good sound & lighting, that gives its audience comfy seats, and pays musicians fairly. And it’s hard to beat The Greys in Brighton for atmosphere – one of those long-time tiny neighbourhood music pubs that everyone loves to play. 

What challenges do you face as an artist? 

Same as most, but with added access / rest requirements. Let’s get that back on riders, as standard: “What access requirements do you have?  

Recommend another emerging artist

Not sure if she counts as emerging, but Fumi Watanabe is a delight.

Have a listen to “Birds of the British Isles”, from Elle’s new album. 

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