Artist Voices: Louis Cross

Tell us about your music, when did you start making it and what inspires it?

My music has evolved over the years to be americana and folk with an emphasis on roots music and acoustic instruments.

I started writing lyrics and poetry I guess when I was 12 years old which then eventually evolved to original music when I was around 14/15 years old. I started performing when I was 16 and I have been improving ever since.

What impact would you like your music to have on the world?

I would to give an impact of making sure voice that tend to not get heard in the music industry, do get heard. And giving music that people who have been affected by a disability can relate to it. 

Have you faced any barriers within the music industry?

That is a difficult one because my disability is fairly invisible to most people. But I have chronic fatigue, nerve pain and balance issues are some of the symptoms I deal with. So getting on stage and setting equipment can be quite a challenge and usually need other people help to get onto to the stage. I have difficulties performing at festivals in the past where I found it difficult to find the stage I was performing at. Finding opportunities to develop my music has also been a barrier.

What improvements would you like to see in the music industry?

I would say more chances to network with people in my area. Making stages more accessible in venues and giving disabled artists more opportunities to perform. Less gatekeeping on important information that can help someone reach the next step too.

Do you include your disability in your music?

I do write lyrics about my disability and has been the forefront of me as an artist. I think it’s important not to shy away from telling people about your disability because it can help raise awareness about disability in music (in my personal opinion). 

Can you tell me about a positive experience you have had with a venue, festival or organisation?

A positive experience would be getting involved in zoom sessions with attitude is everything and learning more about what they do as an organisation. As well as sound city. I have recently been participating in their launch training programme,learning more about the music industry. 


A person sitting on a wicker chair playing an acoustic guitar next to a vase of flowers.