Attitude is Everything partners with A Greener Future and Julie’s Bicycle


As part of our work as an Arts Council England-funded IPSO (Investment Principles Support Organisation), we’re launching a new research programme with Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Future that examines how access to music and live events for disabled people can become environmentally sustainable.  At the end of our research, our intention is to provide the music and live events sectors with a practical toolkit containing practical solutions and case studies.  The first edition of the toolkit will be published in early 2024.  Funding from Arts Council England has enabled us to run this programme.

We’ve launched this programme because solutions that enable accessibility and support environmental sustainability can often oppose one another.  Disabled people’s access can be affected or even degraded by environmental policies.  But the vision that we share with Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Future is that the best sustainable festival is an accessible one. Disabled people are often not included conversations, planning and implementation of environmental policies, yet they’re one of the communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change.  As with all our programmes, disabled people will be at the heart of our research alongside industry partners.  Together we will drive forward change.

We’re looking for participants to take part in our roundtable discussions and survey, so if you’re interested, please contact: [email protected]

“This will be a real opportunity for Attitude is Everything, Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Future to bring our collective expertise to the table; firstly to support the music and live event industries to understand that climate change and access solutions are not separate entities, and secondly, to create practical solutions that are both accessible, and protect the environment.  As with most new programmes, ours is experimental in its approach, and we’re looking forward to exploring access and climate change solutions with a fresh perspective.”

Suzanne Bull MBE, Founder of Attitude is Everything

“Disability access must be a key part of how we design climate solutions and orient our world towards justice. It is the embodiment of care and solidarity in practice. We are really excited to be partnering with Attitude is Everything and A Greener Future to develop the tools and resources the sector needs to engage with accessibility as a core principle for environmental action.”

Farah Ahmed, Climate Justice Lead, Julie’s Bicycle

“Accessibility has always been an important part of A Greener Future’s assessments and certification. We’re very happy to be able to dig even deeper with this new project and together with Attitude is Everything and Julie’s Bicycle, develop solutions which meet the challenge of access for all which is also environmentally friendly.”

Teresa Moore, Director, A Greener Future

“The environment and climate justice is perhaps the most important conversation of our time and Mystery Jets were honoured to have a part of Earth Percent’s Earth Day 2023 project (supporting amazing organisations such as Client Earth and Music Declares). Following on from this I’m excited to support AiE’s new initiative because the best sustainable festival must also be an accessible one, and disabled people need to be at the heart of any climate change conversations and solutions.” 

Blaine Harrison, Patron, Attitude is Everything

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