Placements and mentoring

When provided in the right way, placements and mentoring opportunities are a great way for new entrants to get a taste of the music industry.

We support organisations and companies to create accessible opportunities for aspiring disabled professionals, including:

  • Taster sessions – opportunities for someone to come in for a day and learn about a role or  business
  • Development sessions – structured experiences where someone visits an organisation on a number of occasions and develops their learning over a period of time.
  • Mentoring opportunities – opportunities for a disabled person entering the industry to meet with a professional over a period of a few months for support and guidance. Click here to find out more about mentoring.
  • Paid opportunities – we can support you to make your paid internships or entry level roles accessible and open the door for Deaf and disabled people to receive paid experience in the industry.

We can only support unpaid placements which are focused on giving someone an opportunity to learn about a role or area of the industry. We cannot support unpaid internships.

If you’d like to offer a mentoring or placement opportunity, email [email protected]