Just Ask Guide

“Asking about access requirements for artists and crew should be as simple as asking for dietary requirements in riders and common practice. This will have a positive impact on disabled artists and encourage a more inclusive atmosphere for everyone in the music industry.”

Ruth Lyon, Artist

Year published: 2022

Calling all promoters, event organisers, artist liaison teams and show reps.

An Attitude is Everything survey in 2019 found that 70% of artists had withheld details of a health condition or impairment due to being worried that doing so would cause problems and impact a relationship with a promoter, venue or festival. As a result, 2 in 3 have compromised their health or wellbeing to perform live. 

Our Just Ask campaign, launched in partnership with Independent Venue Week in January 2021, aims to ensure that all artists (and their crew) are given the chance to share access requirements ahead of a performance, with promoters taking some simple steps before gigs to create a welcoming and supportive environment for Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists. 

Who can be play their part in Just Ask?

  • Promoters
  • Bookers at venues
  • Artist liaison teams and reps
  • Event organisers
  • Production management teams