Industry groups

We run and participate in a number of industry networks and groups.

Charter network

Venues and events that join our Live Events Access Charter are invited to monthly calls to discuss issues, ask questions and connect with each other.

Just Ask promoters network

As part of our Next Stage initiative, we are building a network of promoters from across the UK who have attended a free Just Ask session based on our guide of the same name on asking artists about their access requirements.

Next Stage talent development group

Also part of our Next Stage initiative, this group brings together artist funders and talent development organisations to improve access to application processes and engagement work.

Audience Access Alliance

Formed by us in response to COVID-19, this information exchange group is united in our cross-sector commitment to removing the barriers that disabled audiences face.

The members are:

  • Attitude is Everything
  • Disability Collaborative Network 
  • Euan’s Guide
  • Hynt 
  • Performance Interpreting
  • Shape Arts
  • Signed Culture
  • Stagetext
  • Stay Up Late
  • The Access Card
  • Transport For All
  • VocalEyes

Groups we are in

Featured Artist Coalition Beat Board

UK Music Diversity Taskforce

Ivors Academy Music+ Steering Board

AIM Diversity Steering Group

Arts Council England Access Scheme Advisory Group

Music Week Women In Music Awards Steering Committee

NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) Women’s Safety Taskforce

(London) Mayor’s Women’s Safety Night Charter

DCMS Outdoor Events group (formed in response to COVID)

BS/599 committee working on 8300-1/2

LLDC (London Legacy Development Company) Built Environment Access Panel