International work

We are passionate about sharing our 22 years of experience and models of working beyond the UK.

We are able to offer our training and access consultancy services to international clients. We are also keen to discuss projects to apply our Live Events Access Charter model in other countries.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact us via:

[email protected]

or call us on (+44)020 7383 7979.

British Council

We have carried out a number of partnership projects with British Council in recent years.

We’ve trained the team who looked after the Venice Biennale UK pavilion in Disability Equality and Customer Service, run a series of workshops, lectures and one to one access conversations with venues, festivals and event practitioners across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and had three of our guidance documents translated into 16 languages with their support.


Working with Access Lab we have spoken on a panel at WOMEX in Lisbon in 2022 and developed a train the trainer course for Access Lab to use for their local market. In 2023 Access Lab will be joining Attitude is Everything in the UK for a shadowing and learning exchange project.


In 2014, we were commissioned by the Equal Opportunities Council in Nordland, Norway and the Norwegian Live Music Association to develop a franchise model of our Charter of Best Practice for Norway. In 2017, we were asked by Gibraltar’s Ministry of Equality to develop a Disability Equality Train the Trainer course. We spoke at industry events about the project, delivered training, conducted site-visits, assisted with a fact-finding visit to the UK, and worked with disabled people in Norway to develop a model of working using our Charter framework.


In 2017, we were asked by Gibraltar’s Ministry of Equality to develop a Disability Equality Train the Trainer course. This has now been delivered by their Tourism office to over 400 individuals working in the tourist industries from venues to bus drivers. They recommissioned a second course in 2020 adding to the original provision with additional modules.


In 2019, our Head of Programmes and Head of Research and Campaigns visited Japan to speak at Tokyo International Music Markey (TIMM), meet with British Council Japan and discuss models of improving access and securing industry engagement with All Japan Concert and Live Entertainment Promoters Conference (A.C.P.C.).


In 2019, our Head of Research and Campaigns spoke at CHANGES in Melbourne, an industry conference and showcase event for the state of Victoria. Whilst there, he organised a meeting between disability arts representatives and Live Nation Australia, and connected with the artist Eliza Hull, who has since joined a panel at SXSW with our Next Stage Artist Ambassador Ruth Lyon.

In 2021 we facilitated a short project to review access information on venue websites across New South Wales and Victoria. This project moved into Phase 2 with funding from the Churchill Fellowship and we are now facilitating a feasibility study to see if a Live Events Access Charter is possible for the Australian market working with local disability lead organisations.


In 2019 we ran panel sessions at Linecheck in Milan and attended the Ypsigrock Festival in Sicily to speak at their festival conference and undertake an access review of the festival locations.